Launch of the EFILA Blog – Press Release

Since its establishment last year, the European Federation for Investment Law and Arbitration (EFILA) has developed into a well-known and highly regarded think-tank for the promotion of the knowledge of all aspects of EU and international investment law, including arbitration, at the European level.

EFILA endeavours to facilitate a meaningful exchange of views on relevant and timely issues vital to the development of the European internal market, in order to contribute to a more favourable investment climate in Europe and beyond.

To this end, EFILA developed a Blog platform designed to focus on the present challenges and debates that pertain to the field of international (investment) law and arbitration, EU law and public policy, as well as the dynamics of these multiple legal, political and economic spheres. The Blog will feature opinions and cover the latest developments in this field, on a weekly basis, written by eminent professionals and academics from around the world.

Furthermore, the Blog is intended to offer a common space that fosters dialogue between specialists of different views in an effective and user-friendly manner, allowing discussions to move beyond the stalemate of isolated monologues that fail to truly address the salient issues of the moment. Therefore, the Blog is meant to provide a balanced view that attempts to avoid any hegemonic assumptions.

The Blog invites guest contributors with the relevant expertise to submit their articles for the Blog.

Prof. Loukas Mistelis, Editor-in-Chief
On behalf of the EFILA Blog Editorial Board

Submissions and questions should be addressed to the Managing Editor, Horia Ciurtin [].